The value of coaching lies in its ability to unlock an individual’s potential to maximize their own performance. It helps people to learn and change by putting their unique strengths and talents to work. They discover new ways to think about and tackle work challenges. Coaching provides a space for reflection and for understanding. It facilitates behavioural change and helps the individual take action and change what they do - often with remarkable results.

People seek a coach for a variety of reasons. To manage difficult relationships or conflict at work. To manage stress and overload. Or because they want support with a change effort. They may come with specific goals in mind: to improve performance or productivity, or to enhance communication and people skills. Sometimes they are looking to improve and increase their insights into the dynamics, emotions, politics and systems at play within organisational life. Or they may come with a wish to develop themselves more generally as they step up or change career or take up a new senior role. Increasingly, cross function leaders and matrix team managers look for joint coaching to help them develop their collaborative and joint leadership of projects and services.

What people say

Tammy brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of people and their interactions to her consultancy work. She is creative and responsive and able to build rapport with a wide range of people, building teams and developing shared understanding of objectives and goals. Phillip Berechree, FCIPD Head of Commissioning, Workforce and Provider Development, Westminster City Council
I had largely given up hope that I would find a coach who truly offered what I have hoped for, and who represented value for money for the organisation I serve. I'm pleased to report this is no longer the case! Tammy has revived my faith in coaching and is warm, creative and challenging. She helps me bring something new and fresh to my work, I work differently because I am coached by Tammy and that for me is what it’s all about.Alison Simpson, Assoc. Director, BSMH Foundation Trust
The 1:1 coaching has been hugely helpful to me – just to have a safe space to discuss the issues I have been struggling with. I felt able to trust completely. The work with the team has also been beneficial and I was again aware that individually and together there was trust in your facilitation. I think your excellent listening skills and groundedness were hugely helpful. Jane Pettingell, CEO, Generate UK
Thank you very much for your positive contributions to my self-development. You have contributed immensely to my professional life. I only knew you for six months and you gave me an entry key to my inner-self and my leadership skills. Semi Adekunle, Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust